Progress Update

Yes I know I know ... I don't get round to updating this news page much. I'll start doing it daily when I've organised myself better. In fact - if you're reading this now it's probably well and truly archived and I'm currently posting daily snippets! Anwyay . . . progress update:

Firstly we have been steadily climbing the SliceThePie finance ladder and are currently on £3,486 (23% of the total) - which puts us in second place! So huge thanks to all those who have invested so far.
We have a deadline of the end of January 2010 to get 50% (£7,500) and then another three months for the rest - so what are you waiting for?

Also - SliceThePie have made it to the final five of the world famous 2009 Mashables award for internet innovation. All it needs to win is lots of votes before 13th December 2009. Voting only takes a few seconds so do it at this link and each person can vote once a day, so don't forget!