No more slap dash architecture please

Architects please stop sleeping through the science and engineering classes – you real architects are giving us fake ones a bad name!

First we had the tallest building in Leeds creating a wind tunnel effect and hurling lorries around like autumn leaves, and now we have ‘the Walkie Talkie’ in London focusing the entire power of the Sun onto passers by, melting their cars!

If I had more imagination I’d be convinced the buildings are waking up and taking a hostile stance against their creators (nb – why is it a terminator-esque future is often the conclusion of my blogs?), but in reality I know it’s just sloppy professional practice.

Architecture is supposed to be a combination of artistry and technical competence – but it seems to me science classes are being skipped in favour of delivering buildings that merely look like there are incredibly intelligent reasons behind their appearance.

Architects - if you can’t be bothered with delivering the practical elements of a project then please at least be up front about it and give us more buildings like Gaudi's Sagrada Familia Cathedral or Brighton's Royal Pavilion.