New Website Live

We continue to work hard creating the coolest ever musical/media project in history (without really revealing any of it!).
Our website is to be the hub of it all, and this is now launched (as you may well be experiencing now).

Crucially it is structured to house all the different kinds of content we create, and try to enable navigation and browsing through this in a way that makes sense to the overall project. But if that doesn't sound very exciting, check out all the crazy graphics and interactive animations (mobile version strips most of this out, but you can always switch between mobile and PC version via a link at the bottom of each page).

Personal favourites of mine are the 'Album Machine' (try clicking the hide/show button), the 'Story Machine' along with bubbling, swirling liquid power source (try hovering over the liquid to create the bubbles - [edit: interested in the random but smooth swirling liquid code? see here], and the whole frame for the content viewer (click on any object eg this to see) specifically the animated plasma-arcing, cog-grinding close buttons (try hovering over one).