Azrock & Pogo Reviews

Ok you've got to to admit I'm on a roll now - two blog posts in two days!

What makes that even more impressive is that there's still no evidence that anybody has or is reading any of them!

Anyway - today's purpose is to point you towards a few reviews of our music.

"This is a band that just makes you want to set your iPod to 'repeat' as you bask in its sexy vocals and infectious, chilled, funky groove. Delicious. One of the most impressive and slick sounding bands I've heard in a while." is the words of Radio DJ Jools Slater from Vixen 101 fm.

"... the most beautiful female lead vocal you're ever likely to hear" is Steve's (from www.the-mag.me.uk) take on "I'll Wait Here".

"... as their grasp on musical fundamentals is impressive, it’s hard to see them failing ..." is the opinion of RockPulse online music zine.

Plenty more to come. Why don't you listen to it yourself here and write your own review in the comments below.