Money For (Nearly) Nothing

This month we gave our top two fans £161 and £138!  And we will distribute cash prizes again, and again, and so on. Why?  Are we mad / made of money? Made of money no, mad maybe, but about that 'why' ...

We've always wanted our fans to have a stake in us believing it to be the best way to combat the fickleness of modern music interest.  We originally tried this through SliceThePie (and succeeded!), but then abandoned the idea as it wasn't really workable.  What we really need from our fans is an army of motivated marketeers - so we developed a plan whereby a share of our success (ie- financial earnings) is given back to fans in proportion to how much they have helped spread the word about us through their social media, on the internet in general and anywhere else (check out the details here). Fair enough last month was a large prize fund as it was building up to Album release, but there is always some money on offer, and there will be other 'boosted' ones in the future.  We look at it as our marketing budget - we'd rather give it to fans than some PR firm!

The prize fund and number of winners will increase proportionally to our success, and the earlier you get in on it the more you stand to earn indefinitely (a bit like a pyramid scheme, but a nice pyramid scheme because we give you money rather than the other way around!).

So what did the two fans do to earn that cash?  A few Facebook posts, Tweets and invited/recommended a few friends.  Does that sound like easy money?  It is!  The more friends / followers you have, the more points your posts get.  You even get points for people clicking on the links in your posts.  You get points for inviting friends, and if they sign up you get more points, plus forever get a share of their points too (and therefore any friends they invite, and any friends they invite ... and so on.  Hence getting in early is WORTH DOING!).

All are welcome - what are you waiting for?  All you have to do is register as a fan on our website (it's through facebook and free), then there's a tickbox to tick and the rest is automatic!

Details here - good luck!

Debut Album "For You" - available now online

After many, many years in the making this masterpiece of awesomeness is now available for all to download - I suggest you buy it QUICK iTunes might run out of copies!

Social Media Sharing

I'm not going to describe what to do with the Social Media buttons you all probably know better than me - needless to say I would appreciate you using them as much as possible.

However a quick word on how they relate to running up points in the ongoing Cash Prize For Fans competitions.

In short we want to encourage you to spread as far and widely as you can and in places where your friends/followers will notice. For this reason we have got rid of the Facebook Like button - because liking a page doesn't seem to get any interest from Facebook friends. Instead there is a Facebook Share button (the first Facebook square). Please use this it is the most valuable. However please make sure you share on your own timeline and as a full public post (otherwise we will not award full credit).

The second Facebook button (for 'Invite') allows you to invite one or more friends to check out the page you are on. This is included because we track who you've invited in this way and give you credit for all their activity should they take up your invitation and become a fan themselves.

The Twitter button should be fairly obvious and the Google one is not recommended at the moment simply because we haven't developed any way of tracking recommendations and activity about us on Google Plus (yet).

Finally the universal green 'Share' button. This opens some other choices. Recommend to a friend by email is valuable, again because we remember who you're recommended us to and give you credit for their activity should they become a fan. 'Embed Code' is what you should use if you want to place a widget about that page on your own eg blog, email signature, website etc. Similarly the link is to be used if you want to - well er - use a link anywhere. Please note it is worth using this link rather than just copying the URL from the address bar because this one will contain a code to credit you personally with any traffic that follows it.

And that's about it. Get sharing! No seriously - do it! It's pretty much the only way we'll get anywhere so if you like what we do, and want more - do it.